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Order No: b03p5

Order No: b03p5

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This glasses will let you see far.

Right Eye Pupil Distance: 30 mm
Left Eye Pupil Distance: 30 mm
Total Pupillary Distance is 60 mm.

ADA 0006 is a super flexible plastic frame made by high quality material called TR90. This is an lightweight, anti-bacterial, anti-allergic and paint free plastic.
Price: 11.9 $ (or 10.65 €)

1.58 AS Mid-Index Impact Resistant Photochromic Gray Blue Cut
Blue cut coating protects your eyes from harmful blue light. It darkens in sunlight, eliminating the need for sunglasses. Anti-reflection coating reduce reflections and provide a clear view to wearer.
Price: 43.18 $ (or 38.64 €)

● ORDER TOTAL: 55.08 $ (or 49.29 €)

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