o you know how letitsee.com handle your orders?

Minimize manual processes.

To avoid mistakes while preparing your order we try to minimize all manual processes and maximize digital processes!

Once you have placed your order, our web site transfer all data about your order to order queue. Center retrieves processes by order date and send them to our laboratory.

Our laboratorians supply quickly all necessary frames and lenses from depot. After doing quality control of materials, lenses are ready to be edged. We use french machinery which is industry's best succesful, to resize your lenses. Lens edging process takes about 5 minutes then directed to the quality control. Their job is to check all values of glasses. If they found any faults, operation will restart before sending to customer.

Packaging team prepares carefully all items, prints shipping label, attach to your pack than deliver to post office. Few hours later center notifies shipping tracking link to customer and finish order process.

Finally your ordering process is completed without any problems.